The Sarwar Foundation offered free Hepatitis screening to security, ground and cleaning staff at Lahore Airport earlier this month.

In conjunction with 12 other health-focused organisations, the Sarwar Foundation is working collectively across the Punjab and Pakistan to end Hepatitis.

Pakistan has the world’s second highest rate of individuals afflicted with Hepatitis C, with 5% of the population infected. That’s over 8 million Pakistani people living with Hepatitis C.

There is also a severe Hepatitis B epidemic, with more than 7 million people in Pakistan living with the disease.

The Sarwar Foundation is taking a stand against Hepatitis, by providing free Hepatitis screenings to hundreds of people in the Punjab.

Over 15,000 patients have now been screened positive for the infection, and the Foundation ensures they receive medicine and care until a full recovery is made.

Hepatitis is preventable, treatable and curable and that is why the Sarwar Foundation is working to deliver free testing at workplaces, where we can more easily identify and treat those with the condition.

We had an excellent turnout from staff at Lahore Airport and thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to get tested and help us work towards ending Hepatitis in the Punjab.

We would like to treat more patients. If you can help, please donate to the Foundation by clicking here.