HunarGah: “a training centre that is empowering women, financially and socially, to contribute towards the development of society.”

In Pakistan, women’s representation in the workforce remains far too low. Women make up almost 50% of the country’s population, but only 22% of the workforce. When women can find employment, it is often for inadequate salaries and long hours.

The Sarwar Foundation is determined to change this by empowering women, and inspiring them to unlock their potential by learning new skills, ensuring women can earn their own money, and create a better life for themselves and their children.

In 2014, Perveen Sarwar established the charity’s first HunarGah centre in the village of Toba Tek Singh. We have opened HunarGahs throughout the Punjab training more than 20,000 women. These centres enable women to access education and training, allowing them to earn their own income and go on to establish their own businesses.

The free training provided ranges from dress design and dress making, computer training, shoe making, jewellery making, beauty care and makeup. The Sarwar Foundation strives to ensure that Pakistani women can apply their skills and talents by connecting them to the right opportunities and training, and helping to bring a positive, significant change in their lives.

HunarGahs in women prisons

We also have HunarGahs in 15 women prisons across the Punjab and one in Balochistan. This ensures that women can learn an employable skill and earn money from that skill while in prison so by the time they are released they can live with dignity. The aim of the Sarwar Foundation is to have a HunarGah in ever women’s prison.

HunarGah’s success

The success stories of our trainees show the way in which their lives were transformed after completion of training, and now they are able to provide for their families.

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