Christmas Toybank



This Christmas, thousands of children will wake up without any presents to open.
Poverty, domestic abuse, and the cost-of-living crisis have led to worry, anxiety and hardship for many families.
At the Sarwar Foundation, we work with partner charities to help make Christmas a time for caring, sharing and spreading love.
Our Christmas Toybank Appeal ensures that thousands of children receive a present to open on Christmas Day.


But we can only do this with your support.

This year, we want to raise more than £20,000 to pay for new toys or gift cards for children.
We are working with Scottish Women’s Aid and the Glasgow No.1 Baby and Family Support Service to identify families in need.
In previous years, your generous donations have made a real difference.
A mother living in a refuge was able to buy her three children Christmas gifts after being forced to leave their home and all the girls’ toys; a teenager being supported by Scottish Women’s Aid was able to use their gift voucher to buy an outfit for their school party; and a family enjoyed their first ever visit to Santa.
We would be enormously grateful for any support you can offer, so please donate generously and help guarantee a Christmas for children across Scotland.


Here’s what our charity partners have said about the impact of our campaign.

Audrey Dempsey, service manager with the Glasgow No.1 Baby and Family Support Service, said:
“Together, we can make sure absolutely no child in Glasgow referred to us will go without on Christmas morning and it gives us great warmth and satisfaction knowing that collectively, we are giving these children happy memories of Christmas that they will carry through life with them.
“No one ever anticipated that in 2021, Christmas would be such a worry and burden for some families, but sadly that is the case – and we look forward to joining forces with the Sarwar Foundation and making sure we play our part in relieving that worry for the parents and bringing joy to the children.
“Christmas is a time that should be filled with happiness and love and together, I believe we can make that possible for families who never believed it to be.”
Eilis Slater, external affairs officer with Scottish Women’s Aid, said:
“We at SWA are really excited for local Women’s Aid groups to partner with the Toybank Appeal again this year to help make the festive period special for women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse.
“When local Women’s Aid groups across Scotland support the emotional and practical recovery of survivors, partnerships like this one are so crucial in assisting these groups, so that they are able to focus on making an impactful difference for women, children and young people.
“It’s been a challenging period since the outbreak of Covid-19 for survivors and services, and donations are a big component of facilitating support.”
Anas Sarwar MSP from the Sarwar Foundation said:
“Christmas is a time for caring, sharing and spreading love, but for too many families across Scotland it is a time for worry, anxiety and increased hardship.
“This year will be even tougher following the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, with a disproportionate impact on those who were already struggling to get by.
“Working with our charity partners, we hope Scotland’s Christmas Toybank Appeal can be bigger than ever this year, supporting thousands of children across the country.
“We would be enormously grateful for any support, so please donate generously and help guarantee a Christmas for children across Scotland.”