Saving lives. Transforming lives. Creating fulfilling lives.

Driving change for a better future

The Sarwar Foundation works to save lives, transform the lives of those in need, and create fulfilling lives.
We save lives by providing access to quality healthcare and clean drinking water.
We transform lives by educating children and helping those in need.
We create fulfilling lives by empowering women with new skills.
To deliver our life-changing work, we rely on the generosity of our supporters.
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2 out of 3 people in Pakistan do not have access to safe drinking water.

We are building clean water plants across the country.


6 out of 9 people in Pakistan do not have access to adequate health care.

We run two hospitals and hundreds of medical camps.


5 out of every 10 children in Pakistan remain out of school.

We run a school to educate the next generation of Pakistanis.


50% of Pakistan’s population are women but they make only 20% of the total workforce.

We operate training centres to empower women with new skills.

What We Are Doing

How we drive change for a better future

Medicine camps

Medicine camps

Leading doctors treat around 700 patients at weekly medicine camps, free of charge.

Eye camps provide free eye surgery, medicines and glasses.



We run two hospitals in Pakistan.

160 beds available, 30,000 babies successfully delivered, and over 1.7 million patients treated.

Clean water

Clean water

1 million people benefit from the Foundation’s clean water initiative.

We have installed 200 filtration plants.



At the Sarwar Foundation Public School, 10% of students are on a scholarship with zero fees.

The school has 650 students and 66 members of staff

Women empowerment

Women empowerment

More than 150 skills training centres for women across Punjab.

These centres have trained more than 5,500 women.

Hepatitis treatment

Hepatitis treatment

Our medical camps care for Tuberculosis and Hepatitis patients

We also care for women and babies.

Hospital patients treated

Weekly medical camp patients

Water filtration plants

Women learning new skills


We rely on donations to deliver our life-saving work.

For just £50 you can treat a patient at one of our medical camps.

For £250 you can sponsor a child’s education.

For £1,000 we can set up a HunarGah and transform women’s lives.

Donate to the Sarwar Foundation by clicking on the button below

Regular donations can make a huge difference

Did you know you can give a recurring donation to the Sarwar Foundation?The Sarwar Foundation’s mission is to save lives by providing access to free quality healthcare and clean drinking water, tackling poverty by educating children, empowering women so they can lead fulfilling lives, and helping those in need. Our values are driven by social justice, the principles of equality and fairness, promoting greater diversity, and a sense of pride in our history and communities. The life-saving and life-transforming projects...


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