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The Sarwar Foundation is dedicated to addressing the most pressing issues facing people in Pakistan.
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Read about our healthcare work

Pakistan’s health system lacks basic medical facilities as treatment is unaffordable and hospitals are not available in remote areas.   Hospitals The Sarwar Foundation has set up two state of the art hospitals: The Foundation Hospital in Rajana, Toba Tek Singh, opened in 2005 and treats almost treats 6,000 patients. The Foundation Hospital in Chichawatni, Sahiwal, opened in 2009, and treats almost treats 7,000 patients. Both hospitals offer a 24-hour emergency service and are equipped with operating theatres, labour rooms, general and private wards, a nursery and a 24-hour ambulance service. They offer free, quality healthcare, free medicines including treatment of Tuberculosis and Hepatitis...

Read about our water filtration plants

The majority of Pakistanis do not have access to clean drinking water. Over 50% of patients admitted to hospitals & 30% of deaths nationwide are linked to water borne diseases. The Sarwar Foundation is installing water filtration plants in various districts of Punjab including all jails and police lines across Pakistan. 1 million people benefit from the Foundation’s clean water initiative 150 filtration plants installed Mobile Hepatitis screening Water plants around Nankana supporting the Pakistan Sikh community and pilgrims  ...

Read about our school

Five out of every ten children in Pakistan remain out of school The Sarwar Foundation Public School was set up in April 2011. The school operates under a subsidised fee scheme where approximately 10% of students are on scholarship with zero fees. Spanning over 14 acres, the school has 650 students who are taught the Oxford and PTB syllabus. The school has a staff of 66 and offers the highest quality of education to the people of Pir Mahal, a small town in Punjab. ...

Read about women empowerment

Women in Pakistan only make up 20% of the workforce Training women specific skill sets has the potential to transform their future. The Sarwar Foundation has launched more than 150 skills training centres for women across the Punjab. These centres have trained more than 5,500 women who are now able to earn their own livelihood. All Hunargahs (skill training centres) are equipped with latest machines. These centres offer dress design and sewing classes, beautician courses, computer training, jewellery and handicraft courses. Some also offer tutoring to children of the students enrolled at Hunargah centres. Many women from Hunargah centres have gone on to start...

Other projects



The Foundation has raised funds for several emergencies within Pakistan and across the world delivering through trusted partners.


The Foundation annually drives a toy fundraiser to support children in Scotland. Regular projects in the UK are also assessed for support.