Water has hit the headlines this week, with an outcry over sewage being found in Britain’s seas and rivers.

It follows warnings earlier in the summer of hosepipe bans and water shortages as the heatwave dried up reservoirs.

It gave us pause to think about how easy it is to take clean, plentiful water for granted.

But in Pakistan, the vast majority of people don’t have access to this.

Water is a basic human right, and making sure people can drink safe water is one of the simplest ways we can transform lives.

In Pakistan, more than half of people admitted to hospitals, and a third of deaths across the country are linked to water borne diseases.

Thanks to our supporters, the Sarwar Foundation is changing that.

We are installing water filtration plants in various districts of Punjab including all jails and police lines across Pakistan. 

More than 2 million people who would otherwise not have had access to clean safe drinking water now benefit from the programme.

We want to make sure even more people can enjoy clean safe water.

Will you support us?

Visit www.sarwarfoundation.org/donate/ to change someone’s life today.